From an Entrepreneur

Susan Morgan – My Story

I started life as an entrepreneur.  Well, actually I started life as a junior software developer.  Then I  married the senior software developer, and together we founded a software company; Softview, Inc.  Our product, MacInTax, became a market leader on the Macintosh, and our Windows version TaxView became the first released Windows tax program.  After seven years of running the company, we sold it to ChipSoft (the maker of the DOS product, TurboTax), for a significant return, ChipSoft was later acquired by Intuit, which has continued to produce these products.

As a first-time entrepreneur with no prior business or legal experiences, those seven years were both terrifying, exhilarating, and motivating!  After we sold our company, I determined to go to law school to learn how to help entrepreneurs run their companies.  Upon graduation, I then spent seven years at a major Silicon Valley Law Firm, working in the corporate and startup group, and focusing strictly on startups (and particularly, tech startups), before leaving “Big Law” to form my own boutique law firms.  I now work directly with entrepreneurs to help them navigate the legal startup waters.  My belief is that most lawyers don’t understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur; what it’s like to be you.  They have not walked in your shoes – I have.

For Entrepreneurs

Don’t you just HATE it when your lawyer (who is billing you some $600-$800 or more per hour, in 10-minute increments) doesn’t return your phone calls?  For days?  Emails don’t get returned either.  And, then some junior associate, who knows little more than you do, is trying to tell you what you’re supposed to do?

This is the reason I left “Big Law”.  Our rates are about half of what Big Law charges.  For some things, we’ll set a fixed fee.  And we return your phone calls and emails, promptly.  We use only experienced people or people we have fully trained ourselves before they talk to you.

We understand the trade-offs entrepreneurs face between risks and costs and provide you with advice and solutions that are tailored to your situation.

We are passionate about helping you to grow your business and succeed.  And to keep our cost both effective and efficient.

I love working with entrepreneurs.  I have been there, done that, and can help you to do it too!