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Welcome to our Training page.  We have designed video training courses for busy Entrepreneurs to provide a basic overview of equity concepts in a start-up company.  Each course is broken up into approximately 10-minute subsections, giving you basic information to help you get started understanding equity.  It is recommended that you watch each subsection of a course in order to get a full understanding.

  • Identify the differences between common and preferred stock.
  • Identify the different rights to acquire stock in a corporation.
  • Discover how to authorize stock in the Charter, and determine the authorized amounts required.
  • Explore how to build a capitalization table and determine percent ownership

Subsection 1 – Overview
A brief overview of equity, including a discussion of ownership vs. control in a corporation

Subsection 2 – Types of Stock
Learn the differences between common stock and preferred stock

Subsection 3 – Rights to Acquire Equity
Explore some of the rights to acquire equity, including stock options, warrants, and convertible notes

Subsection 4 – Contingent and Non-Equity
Learn about a company’s right of repurchase and option to redeem equity and other rights of non-equity such as phantom units, stock appreciation rights, and royalties/investment contracts

Subsection 5 – Counting Equity – Authorized Stock
Identify how to authorize common and preferred stock in the Charter

Subsection 6 – Counting Equity – Outstanding Stock
Learn how stock is issued and how ownership is determined

Subsection 7 – Capitalization Complications
Get the principles on how to develop a capitalization table and work through examples, incorporating common stock, stock options, preferred stock series, and warrants and determine percent holdings by class, by outstanding stock and by fully-diluted stock

More courses to come!